Testimonials for 10 River Academy of Music

“My twins started piano lessons with Ms. Kaori when they barely turned 4. She was so patient and engaging with them, yet efficient in her teaching methods. They looked forward to their lesson every week — which was extremely rare at the toddler years. They will be turning 6 next month and have developed such a strong foundation and an undeniable passion for music! All thanks to Ms. Kaori. We unfortunately have to take a break due to scheduling conflicts but will reconnect with her once things open up for us! And we would certainly recommend EVERYONE to call Ms. Kaori if they are in need of an excellent piano instructor!”
– Jane M. 2019

“Hyun is an amazing guitar player. You can really tell he put the work in during his studies to both learn technique and theory that makes him the impressive player he is. Not only will he teach you things you want to learn, but he also expands your horizons by teaching you things that he believes that you need to differentiate yourself from other players and truly improve. He is patient and very easy to talk to. Very relaxed. Overall great guy and teacher! I have learned a great deal from him and I have only taken a few lessons – even if you consider yourself advanced, he has the tools to take your playing to the next level.”
– Tyler A. 2014

“Music is happiness.
And everybody could do with a little bit of that in their life, right?

I’ve been taking piano lessons for over a year now with Ms. Kaori, and I couldn’t be happier. She is a very understanding, patient, caring and kind teacher. I believe she is able to read my mind because she chooses songs that I listen to and enjoy, like songs from Studio Ghibli and still challenges me with other great pieces. I’m a college student and just started a little over a year ago, and I find myself playing the piano to relax (if I’m not sleeping that is). I still manage to be able to play songs from the great composers such as Bach, Chopin, and Mozart with what little time I can actually practice. So if I can do it, you can do it! 🙂

If you wish to learn piano, now is the time and 10 River is the place to start; you can take piano lessons whether you are a complete novice or a gifted pianist. Just remember that piano is like life, what you get out of it is how much you put into it.”

– An D. 2016

“10 River is a crucial part of the “village” I am carefully curating to raise my children. Yes, it takes a village to bring up conscientious, kind, cultured children. My 11 yr old daughter has been studying with Mr. Hyun Park for over 1-1/2 yrs, and I am astonished by what they have accomplished together in such a short time. Hyun has an incredible curriculum to teach classical/rock/jazz/blues guitar and has taught my daughter how to be a musician. She is playing the guitar, singing, learning music theory, and learning to improv in every key. Being a classically trained pianist myself, I was extremely particular about selecting a “forever” music instructor who would instill the proper foundation, inspire my child’s inner voice, and also have the skill to help her mature as a musician even after 10 years of study. Hyun has the full range. My daughter will not “out grow” her teacher, and the bond that they share is truly precious. I love that my daughter is so close to her teacher, that he holds her focus for the entire hour and then some, that she is inspired to practice without my having to remind her, and that she looks forward to her lessons every week. Aside from our regular school calendar, we will be arranging conservatory style training during the summers — the academy offers exceptional education in guitar, piano, and vocals. We are very happy here and word cannot describe the very special dimension of joy and creativity Hyun has brought into our lives.

5 stars across the board for: inspiration, technique, musicality, proper foundation in the classics and theory, discipline with kindness, and an absolute love for the art of teaching and sharing the joy of music. Thank you for taking such great care of my child and for loving her and for inspiring in her the love of creating music!”

– Z B. 2016

“I’ve played piano since elementary school and clarinet for 7+ years with various private teachers. After learning voice from Maki for a few months now, I can say she’s the best private music teacher I’ve ever had!

Maki’s very sensitive to your condition lesson-to-lesson and has a lot of great advice for keeping your body and voice in great shape. Classically trained and a ton of experience with popular stuff, so she’s quite versatile. Has a ton of weird examples and visualization tools to develop your technique, so every lesson is super interesting and makes her advice very memorable. She’s also infinitely patient and extremely encouraging.

Also, she’s one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet! Highly recommended.”

– T W 2017

“I’ve always had a passion for music and singing, but could never find a place to help me really polish my skills. The teachers at 10 River Academy do just that! At the recommendation of the (excellent) head guitar teacher, Hyun, I started taking singing lessons with Maki Mannami about a year ago. I feel that I have immensely improved, not only technically, but as a performer as well! I am much more confident in my abilities thanks to Maki and she’s always very kind, friendly, and helpful. I’m looking forward to taking lessons at 10 River even more in the future!”

– Phoebe C 2016