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What makes us so special?

What makes us so special?

We believe a lot of things make us special. The 10 River Academy of Music is a small group of seasoned, professional musicians with years of experience in the music industry ranging from private music education to live musical performances. We understand the ins and outs of the instruments we love to play and teach; and share a burning passion for educating musicians of all ages, levels, and musical styles. Although we are incredibly serious about the education that we offer, we do not let that come at the price of a friendly, comfortable environment. Make no mistake! We do not ever make a compromise when it comes to the quality of the education that we offer, but we want our students to feel at home when becoming part of our growing family here at the 10 River Academy of Music.

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Tuition Cost Comparison

10 River
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10 River

10 River’s tuition spent towards teachers

How is tuition spent?

Your instructor is the only thing your tuition goes towards (the 5% is our building’s rent!). No expensive books, no sign-up fees, and most importantly, no contracts!



Average college tuition spent towards teachers

Meet Our Instructors

Which instructor is right for you?

Kaori Watanabe

Piano Instructor
Kaori Watanabe's career as a pianist began at the age of five. At an early age, Kaori was a strong…
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Maki Mannami

Vocal Instructor
Maki Mannami is an accomplished singer, vocal trainer, composer, producer, sound designer, and arranger. Born in Osaka, Japan, Maki grew…
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Hyun Park

Guitar & Production Instructor
Hyun's career as a musician has been full of passion, self-discipline and learning from some of the hidden gems of…
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Meet your instructor

Meeting your instructor will be a great way to see on an eye-to-eye level. Helping the teacher understand where you want to take your education in-person will improve the efficiency of your journey to becoming a better musician by allowing the teacher to prepare a customized lesson plan for you.

Towards your goal

Now that you and your teacher understand where you are, and where you want to be; your teacher will help you dissect your issues and lay out a perfect, custom tailored lesson plan paired with a highly refined practice methodology.

See Results

See results with our award winning teachers and custom tailored lesson plans. Most students learn 2-3x faster in our learning environment when compared to competing programs.

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Numbers Mean Something...

People want to see numbers. We get that. At 10 River, we strive to improve the way we teach every single day so we are always at the top of our game, using these numbers to help us grow. We go above and beyond numbers. We give results in performance.

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