Testimonials for Hyun P.

“…Being a multi-instrumentalist, I have always wanted to brush up on the contemporary side of my musical capabilities. I thought, what better way to explore contemporary music than with guitar? I knew finding a professional instructor that could properly teach and guide me through relearning the contemporary side of my guitar knowledge wouldn’t be easy, especially considering I already knew a handful and was currently working full time as a musician. Luckily, I made the right choice by coming to Hyun. Due to the great customized curriculum and Hyun’s specialty in contemporary guitar playing, I was most certainly improving faster than I could ever have imagined to improve alone.”
– Vicky L. 2011

“Hyun is an amazing guitar player. You can really tell he put the work in during his studies to both learn technique and theory that makes him the impressive player he is. Not only will he teach you things you want to learn, but he also expands your horizons by teaching you things that he believes that you need to differentiate yourself from other players and truly improve. He is patient and very easy to talk to. Very relaxed. Overall great guy and teacher! I have learned a great deal from him and I have only taken a few lessons – even if you consider yourself advanced, he has the tools to take your playing to the next level.”
– Tyler A. 2014